Rules for posting information on the portal - this is an online classifieds that helps sellers to place their offers for the target audience of site users, and buyers to find the goods and services they are interested in. LLC "UK "Gorny Mir" provides a range of services on the Internet on the website for placing ads about goods, vacancies, services, technologies, requests for goods, vacancies, services, license areas and other related goods and services.

  1. Posted information must comply with the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation, the selected type of advertisement and the subject of the section.
  2. Posted information must not contain spamdexing (a set of key or search phrases, hashtags, repeated text fragments, including by means of synonymization or uniquelization, meaningless text, saturation of text with keywords).
  3. Any duplication of material is prohibited on the site (using text synonymization or uniquelization, placement in different sections and services of the site, duplication of large text fragments in user materials (products, requests, company information, price lists, etc.), uploading the same files and images, full or partial copying of other user materials).
  4. It is forbidden to post information on behalf of other companies that are not linked to the account, as well as posting similar publications by organizations with the same legal addresses or owned by the same founders.
  5. The published information should be clear, informationally and structurally coherent, without redirecting users to another Internet resource.
  6. Graphic materials should have high-quality images and optimal size.
  7. Images must match the appearance of the product, not contain contact information, logo, and watermarks, and be decent, without the presence of unauthorized persons. Private photos showing only people are not allowed for publication.
  8. Information in the advertisement, including the price, should be as reliable as possible and not mislead users of the resource.
  9. In one advertisement, you can present one product or a group of products from any product group according to the selected catalog section.
  10. The Description field of the product is intended for a unique text of the advertisement. It is not allowed to place copies of the title text and data that do not correspond to the product name. Information with the same product description (or with insignificant differences) will be deleted automatically.
  11. The administrator has the right to reject any advertisement without giving any reason.
  12.  Advertisers who place banners on the site are fully responsible for the accuracy of the information posted.

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