International Scientific Symposium "Miner's Week-2024"

International Scientific Symposium "Miner's Week-2024"

On January 30 - February 2, 2024, the "Miner's Week" will be held in MISIS.

The International Scientific Symposium "Miner's Week" is the largest annual scientific and practical mining event in Russia.

For more than 30 years, the symposium has been bringing together representatives of business, government, scientific and educational communities from all over the world. At the Miner's Week, modern problems and innovations of the mining industry are discussed, leading developments and research by representatives of mining schools in Russia and Europe are presented.

Scientific directions of the Symposium:
- engineering geology and surveying;
- engineering geofstrisics, geomechanics, geodynamics;
- geotechnology underground and open;
- safety of mining production;
- environmental protection in industrial regions;
- robotic technologies and mechanization of mining enterprises;
- enrichment and deep processing of minerals;
- information technology in mining;
- management and economics at mining enterprises;
- energy and energy efficiency improvement of industrial enterprises;
- construction of underground structures and mining enterprises.

Languages of the Symposium: Russian, English.

Participation format: remote, face-to-face.

Forms of participation: participant, guest.

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