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NIPI PGS LLC has been working in the field of design, expertise and environmental design since 2015.
Our services:
- Development of project documentation in the field of ecology, including sections “Measures for Environmental Protection” (MEP) and “Environmental Impact Assessment” (EIA) as part of pre-project and project documentation. Support during the examination of project documentation
· Conducting assessments of the anthropogenic impact on the environment of existing, designed and planned facilities
· Development of Consolidated volumes of MPE for cities and administrative entities of the Russian Federation
· Development of industrial waste flow management systems for cities and administrative entities of the Russian Federation
· Development of territorial environmental monitoring systems for cities, regions, territories
· Supply of software products in the field of ecology
· Development of draft standards for maximum permissible emissions (MPE), standards for permissible discharges (VAT), draft standards for waste generation and limits on their disposal (PNOOLR)
· Conducting inventories of emissions, discharges, and waste from enterprises
· Conducting industrial and environmental monitoring of sources of emissions and discharges from industrial enterprises
· Carrying out production control at workplaces
· Monitoring of atmospheric air and surface water bodies within the framework of territorial (federal, regional, municipal) monitoring programs
· Chemical - analytical control of drinking, natural and waste waters; soils; atmospheric air; working area air; industrial emissions into the atmosphere; industrial waste
· Chemical-analytical support of engineering-geological and engineering-ecological surveys
· Surveys of contaminated and degraded areas
· Carrying out hydrological measurements of water bodies; Preparation of report forms 6.1, 6.2, 6.3 (Order of the Ministry of Natural Resources dated 06.02.2008 No. 30)
· Measurement of physical factors (noise, vibration, EMR, radiation, illumination, etc.)
· Information and publishing activities
·Additional professional education (advanced training) in the specialization "Environmental Safety" and other programs
· Assistance in obtaining IEP and environmental audit for compliance with BAT
· Assistance in conducting SEE
· Development of specifications, GOSTs, standards.

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