Flat-roll sleeves [New]

Flat-roll sleeves
Date: 05.12.2023 13:28
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Bioflex flat-roll hoses are a type of hose that remain flat when not in use, making them lighter than their rubber counterparts, as well as larger and more compact to store. They can be assembled into a system of flat-rolled hoses, fastened with couplings and connected to a pumping station, which allows pumping liquid over any distance with high efficiency and productivity. Quick unwinding and rewinding of hoses is ensured using conveyors with minimal assistance from one operator

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BIOFLEX flat-roll hoses are suitable for mine dewatering, domestic and municipal water supply, water pumping, rural and industrial well water extraction, similar groundwater projects, hydraulic fracturing, fire fighting and emergency response. Wear-resistant flat hoses have a wide range of applications in various fields: fire fighting, oil production, pipeline repair, utilities, agriculture, mining.

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