Floating pumping station [New]

Floating pumping station
Floating pumping stationFloating pumping stationFloating pumping station
Date: 05.12.2023 13:25
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A floating pumping station - or FPS - is a specially manufactured container structure that is placed on a metal pontoon that provides the ability to float on the surface of the water. The container - or block box - contains pumping equipment, a steel pipeline with installed shut-off devices, as well as the control system itself.

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Floating pumping stations are actively used in many industries: mining, oil and gas industries, housing and communal services, agricultural industry, construction and others. A similar station format is used as pumping stations that control and regulate the level and volume of water, namely: for the first rise, for circulating water supply, for quarry drainage, for water reduction.
In agriculture, a floating pumping station can be used for the reclamation of sludge or manure storage facilities, as well as for irrigating fields using sprinklers or a drip irrigation system.
The pumping station can also be used as a fire pumping station to quickly pump out liquids using hose systems to fight fires or other emergencies.

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