Electric pumping unit [New]

Electric pumping unit
Date: 05.12.2023 13:16
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An electric pumping unit is a device consisting of a pump and an electric motor, which are installed on a single frame. The rotational torque is transmitted from the electric motor to the pump directly either through a shaft or by means of a belt drive. The rotation speed of the electric motor is controlled using a frequency converter (frequency regulator), which is installed in the control cabinet. The control cabinet for the pumping unit can also be mounted on a common frame or supplied separately.
This is modern equipment that meets all our requirements. Comfortable. Efficient and productive.

Additional information:

Electric pumping units are used for pumping different types of liquid: water, sludge, pulp, petroleum products at various sites in the mining and oil and gas industries, in housing and communal services, as well as in the agricultural industry for land reclamation or pumping liquid organic fertilizers.
In addition, ENS are used both as separate units for local execution of a task, and as part of block-modular, container and floating stations.

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