Block-modular pumping station [New]

Block-modular pumping station
Date: 05.12.2023 13:11
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A block-modular pumping station is an automated complex consisting of modular units (the equipment is located in special mobile units, which allows for the delivery of equipment to the site in the shortest possible time).

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Block-modular pumping stations (BMPS) are used in a wide range of industries including mining, metallurgy, wastewater treatment plants, agriculture, for watering and draining swamps, mines and quarries, as well as for emergency situations - such as fires, floods and other.
The main components of the BMNS are a water intake filter; pumps with an electric motor, selected according to the customer’s individual request; control panel, through which the entire operation of the station is controlled and carried out; pressure valve and piping system.
BMNS provides uninterrupted water supply, providing up to 5000 m3 of water per hour (with a pressure of up to 120 meters). The station remains operational at low and high temperatures (from – 50 to 50 °C), being the optimal solution for pumping large volumes of liquid over any distance.

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